A 54-year-old snack was just discontinued by Nestlé.

People of all ages will miss these chocolate biscuit nibbles when they disappear from store shelves in March 2024. 

Rowntree Mackintosh introduced Breakaway to the market in 1970; the brand has been owned by Nestlé since their 1988 acquisition. 

The biscuit bar has a distinctive flavour and texture thanks to its 100% wholemeal flour, oats, and coconut, and  

it is characterized as a delicious blend of crunchy biscuit and creamy chocolate. 

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Nestlé claims that the goods are being discontinued due to falling sales.  

So, Blue Riband Hazelnut, a new taste of the beloved dessert, is about to be unveiled.  

Famous and beloved by many, this bar features a silky hazelnut filling sandwiched between layers of wafer.  

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