A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day Song for Every Zodiac Sign

Now that you've found your sad song, get out some tissues (or your cat, whichever you choose). 

Yes, Aries, you are a free spirit and a firebrand, but who says you can't let loose to Gloria Gaynor's music and let your emotions run wild?  

Here's the furious outcry you never knew you needed—turning your breakup wrath into dance steps your ex will feel the heat of from a distance. 

Here is your chance to shine in your most magnificent jammies, surrounded by all the comfort food, Taurus, my buddy who loves luxury and comfort.  

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This ice cream ballad is perfect for those times when you want to lip sync with all the theatrical flair of a spoon.  

Gemini, this song perfectly captures your ability to quickly shift from "I'm so over them" to "But what if... "because of your twin identities.  

Plus, you'll be surprised by how much you need this Valentine's Day arts and crafts project—painting yourself into a Gotye-inspired music video. 

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