According to Your Zodiac Sign, You Are A Goddess Of Seduction

It may be time to discover our inner love goddess, because we all have one.  

Eos represented the dawn in mythology. As soon as she emerged above the horizon each morning, she illuminated everything around her. 

Fire signs, like the light that Eos cast, are beautiful, friendly, extroverted, and full of life.  

With Hedone, Goddess of Pleasure, by her side, you can channel your inner earth sign goddess with all her allure.  

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Things that are earth signs are those that are realistic, concrete, and rooted in the material world.  

The Goddess of Pleasure, Hedone, is linked to both the joy of sensuality and the agony of excess.  

When it comes to love-induced spiritual awakenings, no one knows it better than an air sign.  

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