Based on your zodiac sign, what kind of wine are you?

Sign of the Ram A full-bodied crimson complements your fiery, intense personality and 

the fact that you are confident and don't shy away from making your presence known, Aries.  

You, Taurus, have an exquisite taste for the good things in life. You value opulence highly.  

Because of this, you are Provence Rosé, a dry, light, and distinctively pink French wine. 

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Love to stay home, Cancer. Also, kicking back with a glass of dry Riesling is the perfect way to unwind.  

A refreshing white wine, dry Riesling is a native of Germany's Rhineland and ideal for quiet evenings spent indoors. 

If you ask me, Gemini, you're the epitome of an air sign—a lively Moscato. 

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