Breeds of Dogs That Are Unwaveringly Devoted to Their Owners

When selecting a dog, that is the quality that most people seek.  

A trustworthy canine that will never leave their family's side and will do everything it takes to make them feel secure.  

You want your dog to be devoted to you whether it's big, little, or somewhere in the middle; that way you may feel loved and protected.  

You should look for a dog that is friendly with everyone, blends in seamlessly, and makes you feel at ease no matter where you are. 

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That is the quality you can expect from any of the twenty dog breeds ranked as the most loyal on Earth. 

Along with its reputation as one of the world's most loyal dogs, the German Shepherd is also widely considered to be among the most handsome and intelligent canines.  

This dog is completely devoted to its human companion once it discovers them. 

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