Breeds of Water Dogs That Love to Splash Around

Whether it's a playful dive into the ocean waves or a relaxing paddle in a serene lake, picture yourself with a furry friend who's always game for a swim. 

Consider these breeds that aren't merely ok in water; they adore it! 

Whether you live near water or just want to swim someday, these dogs will be perfect for you!  

The water is an integral part of life for the Chesapeake Bay retriever, a breed that gets along famously with it. 

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Dogs of this breed have a long history of serving as hunters' trusty sidekicks, eagerly diving into the frigid bay waters to save ducks and other game. 

These dogs are great for hikers, campers, and other active people because of their amiability and intelligence.  

A Chesapeake Bay retriever can be the ideal canine companion for individuals who like a life filled with outdoor activities and water sports. 

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