By 2/15, certain zodiac signs will have learned a valuable lesson regarding love and loss.

The stars light their way, leading them to life-changing experiences that change the way they see love and loss for the rest of their lives. 

Sign of Libra A heartfelt love lesson is waiting for you in Libra, the sign of equilibrium and harmony in music. 

A less-trodden route is illuminated by the stars, in their boundless knowledge, for those who measure their souls against the feather of Maat.  

Capricorn For Capricorn, whose spirit is as solid as a mountain, the path to the depths of vulnerability is the only way to find love at its purest.  

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A soft light from the stars illuminates the lesson of letting go, showing that love is strongest when it is free, not when it is fortified.  

Twin stars As the winds of communication carry them, Gemini, ever inquisitive and ever-changing, effortlessly weaves connections. 

The stars, however, herald a break in the never-ending chatter, a stillness that calls out with the burden of hidden realities.  

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