Cancers Who Will Face New Heartbreak Tests

Capricorn Capricorn has erected mountain-like barriers around their heart in the frigid nighttime stillness, all while Saturn keeps watch.  

People born under this sign tend to view vulnerability as a sign of weakness, despite their reputation for tenacity and unyielding will.  

This season, though, the stars tell a different story—one of recovery and emotional renewal.  

Under the expansive, starry sky, Aquarius is a symbol of individualism and invention, taking the road less taken.  

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Under Uranus's wing, this air sign has never looked back, envisioning unfathomable futures and boundless potential. 

Fearing that emotional entanglements would bind their spirits and obscure their imaginative minds, 

Aquarians have frequently placed their hearts under lock and key in their pursuit of social progress and personal independence. 

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