Coats that Look Like Clouds on Fluffy Dog Breeds

Everyone loves a dog, but some people are more attracted to specific "looks" when they're looking for a companion. 

This description is applicable to a large number of dog breeds. 

They resemble cuddly stuffed animals—sometimes even teddy bears—due to their fluffy coats, and petting one is like stroking a cloud of silk.  

However, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has certain information that first-time pet owners should be aware of. 

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A second layer of fur called an undercoat gives most fluffy dogs their fluffy appearance and helps them stay warm in cold weather.  

The fur that typically gets shed all over your beloved sweater or couch is that fine, fluffy fur. 

Grooming fluffy dogs is no picnic because their fur gets matted and knotted easily unless brushed often.  

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