Learn About the Most Popular Irish Setter Markings and Colors

These friendly dogs are energetic and gregarious, making them ideal as a farm hand, playmate, or adventure companion; they are members of the sporting group. 

There are a variety of coat colors available for Irish setters for adoption.  

Curious about the available coat colors for Irish setters? I'm thinking about getting one as a pet. 

Find out what the most popular colors and markings are on Irish setters down below. 

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As a purebred dog breed, the Irish setter's three coat colors are the result of hundreds of generations of selective breeding. 

The chestnut-coated Irish setter, formally known as "rich chestnut," is characterized by a silky coat with fewer red and orange pigments.  

White or black markings are possible on chestnut Irish setters, though the latter is far less common. 

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