Names of the Finest Hunting Dogs

Leaving it to the kids increases the likelihood that you'll end up with an absurd choice, like Princess or Snickers.  

Your dog might acquire the same moniker as every other Lab at the hunt test if you're not careful. 

Any source of inspiration can work for a hunting dog's name, but the most effective ones adhere to certain guidelines. 

Web Parton, a dog trainer and bird hunter, advises that while naming a hunting dog, hunters should prioritize clarity and brevity.  

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The conventional opinion holds that a dog's name should not be more than one syllable and should not be obstructive when given directions, according to Parton. 

You really shouldn't name your bird dog Joe if you have one and you know it's going to be severely injured. 

If you want to avoid confusing your dog, don't give it a name that sounds like a command. 

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