On February 11, Zodiacs Will Feel Extra Lonely

Even more intense emotions are coursing through your lonely heart on this, the eleventh of February. 

When you're alone yourself, you usually have no problem relaxing. In the absence of a romantic companion, you are free to pursue your own interests.  

The dream, isn't it? You may not be thrilled about being single at the moment, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't admit it. 

Cancer In the days preceding Valentine's Day, please refrain from engaging in any form of social media scrolling.  

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You may see happy couples all over your feed, but there's also a chance you might see your ex.  

Species of Scorpio It appears like nothing has changed about you from the outside. Serene.  

On the inside, though, you're filled with angst as the artificial holiday honoring love, greeting cards, and the flower industry draws nearer.  

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