On this Monday, February 12, 2024, your horoscope says...

Now that the new moon in Aquarius has passed, the atmosphere has settled into a more tranquil and serene state.  

Since the moon is in Pisces, we tend to feel the need for more sleep, especially if any of you had a few too many drinks over the weekend.  

Super Bowl Sunday lived up to the expectations, and both Swifties and football fans tuned in in large numbers. 

The mood today is soothing and easygoing, but use caution at 2:11 AM EST.  

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As a Taurus, you can expect to be beautiful, wealthy, and pampered with this degree.  

Etsy sellers who offer 14-karat jewelry at an unbelievable discount may likely send you sterling silver instead.  

For the most part today, you should expect to feel more energised, enthusiastic, and driven because Mars rules Aries. 

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