Pit Bull-Related Dog Breeds

They are great watchdogs and wonderful friends because of their innate tendency to keep a tight watch on those they care about. 

The heart of every American bulldog is a puppy, and puppies love nothing more than to run around and play, especially when it involves spending time with their favorite people.  

With the right kind of training and socialization, they can become wonderful pets for kids thanks to their amiable and loving personalities.  

Labrador retrievers and pit bulls are well-known for their friendly demeanors and unwavering loyalty to their owners.  

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Labradors tend to be more extroverted and sociable than the average dog, yet their boundless energy can make them hyperactive at times.  

Although they aren't as mellow as pit bulls, these dogs will never harm you and will only ever want to play with you. 

Labs just require a great deal of mental stimulation and physical activity on a daily basis due to their high levels of energy and intelligence. 

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