Signs of the Zodiac That Are Strictly Allowed to Consume Wine Only

Wine is no different from any other kind of alcohol when your only goal is to get tipsy. 

Dietitians agree that red wine, with its abundance of antioxidants, is the best option among alcoholic beverages for those watching their weight.  

Additionally, unlike other types of alcohol, it contains anti-inflammatory properties.  

You go from one set of difficulties into another set of problems because you drink to escape.  

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Drinking too much alcohol causes you to stutter and forget who you slept next to in the morning. 

A trailer park is beer. The world of hard booze is a prison. Wine is like a palace. Get it right. 

While a shot of whiskey or a keg of beer may put an end to your emotional suffering, a glass of wine is more akin to a fly swatter. 

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