A rich chocolate layer cake that is loaded with whipped cream and cherries is what is known as a black forest cake.  

I forgot to mention chocolate shavings. Oh, you must not overlook those!  

When making black forest cake, it is customary practice to incorporate a little amount of cherry liqueur, such as kirsch. 

In the event that you have a special someone in your life who is a fan of chocolate and cherries, this is the ideal dessert to prepare for them on Valentine's Day!  

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Using a base of rich chocolate cheesecake, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream that has been delicately sweetened, we have created a dessert that is virtually identical to that.  

Although this recipe for black forest cheesecake does not necessarily call for the use of kirsch, 

there are a few different ways that you can incorporate it if you so choose. 

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