These sandwich chains produce the nation's finest subs.

While all kinds of sandwiches are delectable, subs are exceptional.  

With the company's expansion into additional states such as Pennsylvania, it appears that we will all soon be forced to decide whether or not to be devotees.  

Everyone in the Midwest has an opinion regarding Goodcents, one of the most well-known sub-chains in the region.  

Although Charleys' assertion that it serves the finest cheesesteaks in mall courts is somewhat boastful, it is true that it offers the most delectable cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.  

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When the occasion arises that we must dine at a shopping mall, this chain is frequently among our preferred options.  

Although the traditional steak sandwich is safest, for those seeking variety, the chicken teriyaki and the bacon three cheesesteak are also available. 

Furthermore, the fact that this establishment is family-owned and operates with fresh ingredients is something we simply adore. 

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