Unexpectedly Good Husbands: Zodiac Signs

You should not form an opinion about someone before you have had a chance to know them.  

Twin stars  Because they are more reliable than you would believe, Geminis make excellent spouses.  

This sign may be erratic at times, but their devotion to their love will never waver. 

A scorpion You would be surprised to know that Scorpios are actually rather good spouses, despite how icy they may seem from a distance. 

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This sign may act distant at times since they prefer their own company. For all intents and purposes, they may act indifferent.  

Sign of the Ram Since Aries are more sensitive than most people give them credit for, they actually make fantastic spouses.  

They put on an act of being cold and unfeeling, but when you get to know them, their true colors begin to shine. 

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