Using Your Zodiac Sign, We Can Tell Which Super Bowl Ad Will Go Viral

The way Betty White returns to her authentic self after eating a Snickers bar exemplifies  

the Taurus desire for luxury and comfort, as well as their occasional grumpiness when unsatisfied .

The little boy in the "The Force" commercial personifies the dreamy, imaginative part of the air sign Gemini, which is known for its wit, expressiveness, and duality. 

A dog and a Clydesdale form a sweet bond in this touching story, which beautifully captures Cancer's loving and sentimental side.  

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Cancer values connections and has a strong emotional core. 

In "It's a Tide Ad," Leo's dramatic flair and desire of being the center of attention are hilariously on display, as every setting becomes a spotlight for Tide due to an unforeseen twist. 

Ads for E*TRADE Baby feature a baby that is self-assured while discussing money, 

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